One of the most important steps in getting a job


Checking resumes for company/employer fit

Human Resources personnel at large companies pay attention to how much effort candidates have made to customize their resumes to fit that particular company and position. Many applicants simply send out the same type of resume for different positions to different organizations. If a candidate is really interested in a particular job, they will take the time to ensure that their resume and cover letter match it.

These errors or inaccuracies may be in the address of the cover letter, the job title or your company, and the specific qualities and skills described in the job description.

Screening resumes with technological tools

Reviewing resumes and finding resume writer near me is time-consuming and time-consuming, and it really is. However, recent technological advances offer some simplification of the process. Here are ways employers are trying to make it easier to review resumes.

If you're a job seeker, take special care to meet the criteria described below.

Online tests and questionnaires

Online tests and personality questionnaires are usually the next step in screening applicants, but are partly part of the primary screening procedures. Depending on employers' needs, tests and questionnaires are used on a variety of job-related criteria:

  • Intellectual abilities (numerical, logical, and verbal skills);
  • personality trait tests (leadership, dominance, public speaking, etc.)
  • professional skills (typing, Excel, Java programming, etc.).

Tests and questionnaires provide an objective way to compare candidates on parameters relevant to a particular position and company. This is a big difference compared to a resume, which tends to be inaccurate and subject to interpretation.