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What Does a Surge Protector Do?

A Surge Protector is designed to ground excess electricity and protect your belongings against power surges or voltage spikes. Electricity can hit your appliances, including your garage door openers, with a huge amount of power – more than your appliance is capable of handling. If you do not have a protector to redirect or ground some of that excess electricity, it can fry your appliances.


What Kinds of Things Can Cause a Power Surge?

  • Storms
  • Too much demand on a circuit (too many appliances or appliances that use too much power plugged into an outlet or group of outlets)
  • Short circuit
  • Faulty wiring in your home


Why do I Need a Surge Protector for my Garage Door Opener?

  • To Protect the Components – Newer garage door openers come with computerized equipment built-in. Even if you do not use the connected apps or programs available, the technology is already in your opener. These parts can be destroyed during power surges or voltage spikes, and they are not covered under warranty from the manufacturer.

  • To Save Money – Spend a penny to save a dollar! The cost of a surge protector is a fraction of the price of a repair or a new opener. Unfortunately, many garage openers require complete replacement if they are hit with a power surge. It is worth it to spend the extra small expense to protect this investment! (You can be sure WE have them on all of ours!)
  • No-Fault Failures – A power surge can happen without anyone making a mistake. A short circuit or storm or an overloaded circuit can happen to anyone! There is no foolproof way to protect your equipment from power surges by simply being careful or responsible. The best prevention is protection from a Surge Protector.




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