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Full inspection and basic maintenance for only $65!


Just like your car or home, your garage door needs regular inspection and maintenance to work properly for the life of the product. Performing yearly maintenance and inspections of your garage door can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars over time by taking good care of the products and catching any issues early on when they cost a fraction of what a major repair would. Just like your car, a little problem can become a big problem if ignored or put off. Even something as simple as a broken hinge can require a total door replacement if not taken care of immediately. Catch problems early and take care of your investment with a plan from The Wright Door Co!

With our plans, you receive a full inspection following industry standards and a full range of service treatments by trained experts. Any adjustments, lubrication, and basic maintenance are included to keep your door running in top shape so you don’t ever have to worry about it. 



All parts, fasteners, welds, and overall operation of equipment are carefully inspected and evaluated.



We perform a thorough cleaning of all moving parts to remove debris build-up from normal, daily operations. In addition, we also clean the surrounding area to promote safety and to remove any outside interference.



With time and use, parts become disengaged and misaligned. Therefore, adjustments are needed on a periodic basis. Our service professionals regularly adjust equipment as stated in the manufacturer’s manuals to maintain proper working condition and validate the warranty.



We apply lubrication to all moving parts and assemblies, according to the manufacturers’ recommendations.


Final Inspection

After a final inspection of your door & operator, your Service Technician will make any recommendations and, if needed, note any required parts that need replacing or repair.



Parts/Extra Work

While preventive maintenance may extend the quality and duration of your equipment, it cannot guarantee unending life to any product. Eventually, parts reach the end of their functional life and require replacement. Upon the customer’s authorization, the necessary parts will be replaced. Parts and labor will be billed after approval is obtained. We will never perform extra work without your approval.


Cost And Convenience

To make this as convenient and cost-effective as possible, we will schedule the visit to work with your schedule. Prior to the service call, we’ll also ask you to prepare easy, safe access to the door & operator so that our time there can be spent working and not waiting for access.


Problems Covered By The Preventive Maintenance

If an issue arises or anything breaks while we are performing our scheduled Preventive Maintenance, we will examine the problem free of charge and make sure a solution is in place before we leave.








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