Garage Door Rollers!

Nylon coated 13 ball bearing garage door rollers

Is your Garage Door noisy? Do the neighbors tell you that they hear when you arrive home? Chances are that the noise is from worn-out rollers, yes they do wear out, especially when they are not lubricated properly or father time.

What are the rollers and where are they located?

The garage door rollers are what the garage door travels on and are located where each outer hinge connects the garage door sections (panels) together, (See our maintenance page for a full diagram of the proper placement).

There are three types of garage door rollers:

With the introduction of the sectional garage door, there had to be a pivot point in the radius of the track and what better way than a Garage door roller to glide along the grooved track. A metal roller seemed to be the logical choice with 7 ball bearings encased inside to help smooth the process. Over time with a lack of proper maintenance the rollers wear out, become noisy, non-functional and unsafe.

Nylon rollers we have found are much quieter and somewhat maintenance-free, however over time they become brittle and some do break.

13-ball nylon coated steel rollers, take the best of styles and make the opening and closing of your garage door a smooth and quiet process.

As the garage door rises in the opening a downward force is created on each of the sections and roller as it crosses the vertical to the horizontal plane and as such, each roller has an applied pressure. Modern rollers have a rating just as every garage door spring has a functional lifespan;


  • 2” 13- Ball Nylon Coated roller has a rating: 85 lbs. per roller at 20,000 12’ door cycles, most residential garage doors are between 7’ and 8’ in height, which should put the life span at roughly 34,000 cycles (our preferred roller).
  • 2” 11- Ball Nylon Coated roller has a rating: 75 lbs. per roller at 15,000 12’ door cycles, most residential garage doors are between 7’ and 8’ in height, which should put the life span at roughly 26,500 cycles.
  • 2” Nylon roller rating: 50 lbs. per roller at 10,000 8’ door cycles.
  • 2” Steel roller rating: 35 lbs. per roller at 10,000 8” door cycles.

Most garage door companies offer 11-Ball Nylon Coated rollers, they are superior to both the steel and nylon rollers with a much quieter, smooth operation as well as longer functioning lifespan. Testing has shown that 13-Ball nylon coated can last up to 60% longer.

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