Garage Door Maintenance and its Importance

Most homeowners use their Garage Door as the primary entrance. In one month, your door will go up and down hundreds of times. Your Garage Door is usually the largest moving object in your house, and has many moving parts; Lack of maintenance and neglect can cause serious problems. Once a part breaks or malfunctions it is often a sign that other parts may be damaged or worn. The Wright Door Co. has a Garage Door Maintenance program that fits your needs.

Does My Garage Door need an Annual Tune-Up, YES/NO?

There are many factors to consider on your Garage Door, let’s just talk about a few.

maintenance formSafety

Possible injury can happen in many different ways from the Garage Door falling, having fingers pinched between the sections of the door, unbalanced springs to a frayed cable. The most dangerous by far is the Garage Door Springs, which are under considerable pressure and should be repaired or installed by a professional who has experience in this area. PLEASE, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE EXPERIENCE! Over 20,000 people are injured annually by Garage Doors. Additionally, if you have an Electric Garage Door Opener there could be improperly adjusted up and downforce or misaligned safety sensors.


Many people believe that just looking at their Garage Door is enough to tell if something is going bad, however, there are many parts that a trained technician looks for that homeowners usually did not know were there, such as: the end bearings, center bearing, stationary and set cones, flag bracket, top roller bracket and that’s not including all of the hinges and rollers. Evaluating all of the components of the door is a task all its own.

Extending the functional life of your Garage Door

Just like the maintenance on your automobile, with proper care for your door will extend its functional life. Whereas proper maintenance can extend the life and use of your equipment, it cannot guarantee unending use. An annual Tune-Up/ Maintenance will allow our service technician to notice extensive wear or parts that are in need of repair or replacement. Besides, they really know the parts to keep lubricated.

Most manufacturers recommend a YEARLY TUNE-UP AND INSPECTION by a professional for your Garage Door and Electric Garage Door Opener.

Regular Garage Door Maintenance will save YOU money in major repairs. A good Maintenance Plan will keep your Garage Door operating smoothly in all weather conditions and because of this will keep your repair cost down.

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