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McManus Construction is a home remodeling and general contractor company that has been serving the St. Louis area since 1987. McManus specializes in home improvement. They offer services for the interior and exterior of the home including room remodeling, additions, basement finishes. As well as installation services for windows, roofing, and siding. Another service that McManus Construction offers is custom home building. Through their intricate process and use of revolutionary building strategies, McManus Construction builds quality homes for every family. 

McManus believes that the ideal home maximizes quality of life for all family members. Every family has individual needs, so the best way to find the ideal home for your family is to build it yourselves. McManus Construction has been building custom homes since their founding in 1987. Quality and service are the top priorities, McManus takes care in each step of the home building process. 

What happens after you have decided to build a home? McManus Construction will meet with you for a thorough discussion in order to understand your needs. Consultation is provided for the remainder of the process. The next step is to design the home. During this phase, will teamed you up with a professional architect. The architect will draw the blueprints to your specifications. Once these blueprints match your vision, McManus turns your vision into reality by building your custom home. 

McManus Construction specializes in building Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) and Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) homes. Due to their superior performance in durability, energy efficiency, and overall quality. These techniques revolutionized the construction industry and are used in favor of traditional wooden frame construction across the country. 


ICF (Insulated Concrete Form):

Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) construction is a modern building technique that uses blocks of rigid insulation that contain concrete. These blocks provide both structure and insulation for a home. They can be thought of as reinforced lego blocks of insulation that are then filled with concrete. 

There are several reasons why a homeowner should choose ICF construction. The two main reasons are energy efficiency and durability. Beginning with energy efficiency, ICF homes yield an R value of 25. Admittedly, R-25 can be achieved through traditional construction. The difference between the R-25 of an ICF home and the R-25 of a traditional home is the consistency of the R-25. There are no thermal breaks in an ICF home due to the continuous concrete wall sandwiched between the two insulated barriers. Whereas in a traditional home wooden studs break up the insulation and cause thermal breaks in the home’s barrier. 

ICF homes are also very disaster resilient. The most notable reason why they are so durable is because the home is essentially a concrete house. The simple fact that the home is built from concrete poured into rigid insulation makes ICF incredibly wind resistant. Such construction is perfect for Midwest properties in the middle of tornado alley (Saint Louis), and  coastal homes that are likely to be struck by hurricanes. 

ICF homes are also fire and flood resistant. The ICF used by McManus Construction has a fire rating of four hours. Compare that to wood construction which have fire ratings as low as 15 minutes up to one hour. ICF homes are also safe for flood zones. While the insulated blocks are pieced together, the concrete layer is waterproof. The foam blocks are also always waterproofed so your basement feels just like a main floor. 

SIP (Structural Insulated Panel):

Structural Insulated Panels

The Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) is an airtight, rigid foam insulation sandwiched between two layers of plywood that are cut into panels which fit into one another in order to construct a home. SImilarly to ICF homes, SIPs homes are superior to traditional wooden frame construction in terms of durability and energy efficiency. However, SIPs homes have a few distinct advantages. 

In terms of energy efficiency, SIPs are airtight, and have a range of R values to choose from. R-18, 26, 33, and 40 are all available options. SIP construction is suitable for any climate. SIPs homes are consistent with their R value throughout the structure of the home as well. Again, traditional wood frame homes use support studs that create gaps in the insulation system. With a SIP home the need for support studs are eliminated without sacrificing the structural integrity of the building. The strength and stability of SIPs are another attribute. Compared to traditional stud walls, SIPs test twice as strong both vertically and horizontally. SIP walls used by McManus Construction resist up to 7,000 pounds per square foot. 


The Wright Door Company is committed to providing excellence in product and service just as McManus Construction is. That is why we are very proud to partner with them for garage door projects in the St. Louis area, including commercial projects and an upcoming Pole Barn project .


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