The Wright Door Co. had an urgent call from a customer in Florissant, Missouri.

We received an Emergency garage door service call and the homeowner stated that a few months ago a local garage door company had come out and did maintenance on his garage door. They suggested a piece of 8’ angle iron and it was promptly installed.

Within 1 week the homeowner said it started to sag and now it has finally bowed (as can be seen in the photo), to a point where it no longer can open or close using the garage door opener without help.

Upon arrival our technician noticed the problem and suggested a garage door “support strut”. A support strut is a c-shaped piece of steel that is placed horizontally from one side of the door to the opposite side and is attached at each garage door stile.

Support Strut

Image result for garage door support strut

We suggest any door wider than 10’ or has an electric garage door opener should have a support strut. The support strut creates a brace that stiffens the garage door and helps prevent the bowing of the garage door. A support strut can be purchased at the local DIY shop or even on eBay

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