The “screw Drive” garage door opener was a work horse in the industry.

When it arrived on the scene the screw drive garage door opener made the chain garage door opener appear loud and cumbersome. They also brought about the advent of infrared photo sensors (garage door eyes).  As for positive things to say about the screw drive opener, well they will open the garage door most of the time.

The sensitivity is rather hard to set on the unit, they want to lift whatever they are connected to (these units have been altered to lift more than garage doors). When the unit is not properly lubricated it will get very noisy. The garage door unit consist of section of stainless-steel threaded rod that has plastic couplers. Over time and temperature changes the lubricate will dissipate and the unit will get very loud. The recommended lubricant is called Lubraplate, is a low temp grease and last for years.

The most frequent problem is the carriage gets stripped. Without proper maintenance the garage door springs weaken, and the garage door opener still must open the garage door. As the opener lifts the “heavier door” it destroys the carriage. Remember that the screw (threaded rod) is stainless-steel, while the carriage is plastic and aluminum. Yes, not much of a match.

Not to discourage any Screw Drive opener fans, but, as of 2017 all major manufacturers have discontinued this line. If your screw drive garage door opener is working and your happy, great. However, if you are wanting technology in your garage door operator then it in time to move on from the screw drive.


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