The Belt Drive Garage Door Operator

8550W Elite Series DC Battery Backup Belt Drive Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener HEROThe Belt Drive Garage Door Operator is the best option for your garage door. It is either made of steel belted rubber (like the tires on a car) or Kevlar, either is superb. Both LiftMaster (Chamberlain) and Genie (The Overhead Door co.) make Belt Drive garage door operators. However, we prefer LiftMaster and will be using LiftMaster as our subject matter.

When it comes the Belt Drive garage door operator the 8550WLB is considered the Elite model. The 8550WLB has a Kevlar belt, battery back-up, premium wall console, DC motor and one-piece rail. The most important thing about this model is the warranty, which answers most questions. The 8550Wlb has a Lifetime warranty on the motor and the belt. Yes, you read that correctly. Typical chain and screwdrive operators, have 5/10-year warranties.



The 8550WLB is a geared system it will travel approximately 7 inches per second. It also has the smooth start and stop; it will gear itself for smooth operation and less wear and tear on your garage door.



The 8550WLB can easily lift any standard 2-car garage door. A common misunderstanding about garage door and operators are that if the door is heavy to lift are functionally normally. A garage door should lift easily, as it is the garage door springs that doo the heavy lifting, not you or the garage door operator. The operator is acting as an extension of you. You are having the operator do the lifting rather than you. Therefore, if it is heavy for you to lift, it will be heavy for the garage door operator. Anytime that you are having a garage door operator install the company should provide door maintenance as part of the install. If the garage door is heavy, it should be balanced. This eases the wear & tear on the door and will not overwork your operator. The garage door springs do the heavy lifting NOT the garage door operator. But remember that the belt has a lifetime warranty.



With the proper install, the belt drive operator is virtually noise free. If you are a non-believer, check out the display at the St. Charles, Mo. Home and Garden Show.


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