Yes, The Garage Door

Most homeowners use The Garage Door as the primary entrance to their homes. In one month, your Garage Door can go up and down hundreds of times. Your Garage Door is also usually the largest moving object on your home. Yes I know. The Wright Door Co. has said that before. I just want to make sure that it was read.


The Garage Door Difference

A new garage door is not cheap or at least it should not be. No, I am not saying it should be expensive. What I am saying is that quality is not cheap, it should be priced accordingly. From the outside a garage door is a garage door and generally the styles’ do not change from manufacturers. A traditional raised panel pretty much looks the same. The real difference is the quality of material used. The Wright Door Co. prefers Door Link, Mid-America and Pro-Door.

Take a Look

Below are a few pictures of not just before and after garage door installs. I have also included some damaged garage door, broken springs, worn out gear assemblies and general damage


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