Garage Door problem?


The Wright Door Co. encounters a Garage door problem each day and we try and solve them as they are encountered. So, with the understanding that many will take a professional to correct today we will show some of the more serious garage door problems and the possible cause.

Installing a garage door operator


As you can see, it started correctly. However, rope should never be used to secure the motor. The Wright Door co. uses 13 gauge perforated 1 1/4×1 1/4  angle iron. The angle iron is more than strong enough to last the life time of the Garage door operator. This particular operator is a Liftmaster “belt drive” and has a manufacturer lifetime warranty on the motor and belt.


Replacing garage door rollers








The Wright Door Co. knows from experience that garage door rollers wear out. When a garage door roller wears out and breaks, things can go bad in a hurry. You must understand that not every suggestion is an “up sell”. All rollers have a functional time span (just like garage door springs). The plastic will age, get brittle and break, they are quiet and smooth in the beginning. If something gets stuck in the plastic it will stop rolling and just be pulled along. Also, when lubing the garage door components oiling the plastic rollers is like putting oil on a milk jug, it just slides off. The 7,9 or 11 ball bearing steel roller do have bearings which can be oiled and will continually roll until they just wear completely out. We prefer the 13 ball bearing nylon coated roller. This particular garage door roller has the advantage of the greased bearings and the quietness of the nylon. The 13 ball bearing roller has a functional life of 34,000 (per manufacturer).


Broken garage door spring




A broken garage door spring is the most common problem and the most serious. A garage door spring “breaks” from fatigue. The spring is wound and put under tension, as the garage door raise the springs are unwound. As the springs are unwound it is a constant bending and “yes”, it will finally fatigue and fail. As you can see in the picture, the home remedy does not hold very well and it will just break in another part of the wire. WE NEVER recommend doing this, not even as a short term “fix”. A technician should have special clamps on their truck/van as a temporary repair. Please keep in mind that we have special tools for taking the spring assembly apart as well as winding the springs again. The spring is the most dangerous aspect of the garage door.

We can Help

If The Wright Door Co. can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to call 314-484-3667, 636-293-3007 or 618-698-8058 for information, it is our goal to deliver Quality You Expect, Service You Deserve.





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