The LiftMaster 85503W

Introducing the Liftmaster 85503W. Yes LiftMaster has done it again. There is a new “Best” garage door operator and The Wright Door Co. is upping our standard as well. The 85503W has all of the great benefits as it’s predecessor the 8550W and added a camera. That is right a camera, and it is built into the unit with a very high quality display.



  • Integrated Camera, video camera can be rotated 360 degrees for a complete view of the garage.
  • HD- Quality, with a 1080p glare resistant and night vision lens, auto adjusts to light levels for a clean crisp picture..
  • myQ Storage, LiftMaster saves videos for 7 or 30 days.
  • 2-way Audio, communicate live with anyone in your garage.


  • Easily connect to your network with built-in Wi-Fi.
  • Syncs with smart devices and platforms.


  • DC Motor, extremely quiet and long lasting.
  • Battery Backup, never worry about the power being out and the door not opening. A standard garage door will have about 15 cycles on battery backup. The best part… it will recharge as soon as the power is restored. The LiftMaster 85503W meets California SB-969.
  • Smooth start/stop, the unit will gear itself down on the open and close.


Safety and Security

  • Secure 2.0, electronically protects against forced openings.
  • Motion Sensor, walk in a bright garage with the motion detection lighting.
  • Safety Sensors, protects against obstructions passing under the door while closing.
  • Secure Code, know with confidence that each time the transmitter (remote) is used a no code in generated.


Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery

  • Secure packages, enables in-garage delivery for Amazon Prime packages.
  • Easy setup, Prime members just download the “Key” by Amazon and link it to your myQ account.
  • Real-Time Updates, get an alert on your smart device when the delivery is made.


If you have any question or comments, please give us a call at 314-484-3667, 636-293-3007 or 618-698-8058. Our goal as always is to deliver Quality You Expect, Service You Deserve.


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