There are many types, styles and brands of Garage Door Operators.

The Wright Door Co. will be writing about each of the main styles and brand of garage door operators. We believe it will lead to a decision that you are comfortable with.

We get asked “can it be repaired” or “do I need to replace it” very often. All reputable garage door repair companies can fix most garage door operator issues. The answer to both questions are simple, does the cost justify the repair. There are simple repairs that are common to each of the most common brands.


A carriage on the Screwdriver operator.

A sprocket assembly on a Chain drive operator.

The belt wearing on a Belt drive operator (older model).

The problems have an underlying issue that has been overlooked for quite some time and should be addressed during the maintenance of the garage door. With proper maintenance a garage door operator can last many years, even decades. Be sure to check back, we will be updating often.

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