LiftMaster 8550W error code 1-5

LiftMaster 8550W error code 1-5 has been causing some headaches for homeowners lately and can be costly. However, I will say that the LiftMaster 8550W is The Wright Door Co.’s preferred garage door operator. The 8850W is the premier garage door operator and can do whatever you ask and even more. With all the capabilities it can also be very delicate, such is error code 1-5.

Error code 1-5, 1.5 or 15 is technically referred to as a “motor control” error and is very serious. It is a malfunction that cannot be repaired without exchanging the motor control module. With the cost of the module and labor it will be approximately $225. There are differ modules and you must be certain that it isn’t a logic board problem, I know this seems daunting and like a huge pain. The Wright Door Co. installs hundreds of 8550W and has only had 3 error 1-5. When we install our garage door operators, we also include a surge protector. yes, it is included with the operator.

Surge Protector Protection

A surge protector absorbs the sudden influx of energy and dissipates it. The amount of energy that the surge protector can absorb is rated in joules, when looking for a surge protector you want one with a high joules rating. Whereas 200-400 is good, we only use protector with a 750+ rating. The common cause of a power surge is home refrigerator. When the refrigerator compressor kicks on (you can usually see the lights dim in the home dim), the compressor needs a very large amount of electric to get it going. Once it is moving much less power is needed and everything is back to normal. A lightening strike will send electric through the air a great distance, the strike does not have to be close to your home. The power surge is very quick, lasting less than a second and can be quite devastating.

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